The Staff

Christopher Sprinkle – Producer/Writer/Editor

Christopher Sprinkle worked on bad romantic comedies, low budget music videos and lots of commercials before he took more socially relevant jobs producing two international public affairs programs on Pacifica Radio (“The Morning Show” with Sonali Kolhatkar at KPFK and “Flashpoints” with Dennis Bernstein at KPFA.) His interview with Christian Parenti, author of The Soft Cage: Surveillance In America was published in the scholarly journal American Behavioral Scientist. He has created several special documentaries for PRA, including A Passel of Pomp & A Circus of Circumstance, on the history of major political party conventions in the United States, hosted by Amy Goodman, and The War & Peace Broadcast: 35 Years Later about WBAI’s historic live reading of Tolstoy’s novel. He also produces live event coverage for Pacifica, including both party conventions in 2004, President Bush’s second inauguration, and the inaugural broadcast of South American cable news network TeleSur in Caracas, Venezuela.

In 2004, he was Contributing Producer on the short documentary film The Ground Truth about the physical and psychological effects of war on U. S. soldiers returning home from Iraq. The film has since been made into a feature and screened at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival.

Christopher is also directing and editing a documentary film about MarchFourth Marching Band – a Fellini-esque band of more than 30 eccentric performers and musicians and their struggle to gain national fame. And, because he really doesn’t know what to do with any spare time, he also teaches a seminar on the art of radio documentaries at MediaBistro from time to time. Christopher lives in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles.

Brian DeShazor – Executive Producer

Brian DeShazor is from Yorktown, Virginia with a background in theater arts. In 1997 Brian came to Pacifica Radio Archives as a temporary employee and became entranced by the archives’ collection.  Brian entered into the radio game by forcing his way into an interview with the late Quentin Crisp.  After his passing in 1999 Brian wrote and produced the “Quentin Crisp Memorial Recording” that received the Golden Reel Award at the National Federation of Community Broadcasters.  With PRA co-producer Mark Torres, Brian has gone on to produce many Pacifica National programs including the award-winning “John Hersey’s Hiroshima”, “A Passion for Survival with Dr. Helen Caldicott”, “Sorry Wrong Number” starring Shirley Knight and Ed Asner, and “W.E.B. Dubois: 100 Years of the Souls of Black Folk.”

Mark Torres – Senior Producer

Mark Torres studied Linguistics and computer Science at UCLA from 1980-1986. In that time he was forced to study the groundbreaking and painfully intricate work of Noam Chomsky. When Noam Chomsky came to UCLA to address the Linguistics department on the latest in semantic theory, it turns out he also gave lectures on the United States role in Central American politics. He then learned you could hear these lectures on Pacifica Radio 90.7 fm in Los Angeles. He began volunteering at KPFK as a board operator and in 1990 he began working at the Pacifica Radio Archives. So far he has an award winning radio program Travel Tips For Aztlan, has produced several award winning programs for Pacifia, and has listened to about 1/4 of the programs housed in the PRA collection.

Shawn Dellis – Outreach Coordinator

Shawn Dellis earned a degree in marketing from Marquette University in Milwaukee and never expected his experiences hosting and producing a radio show for the campus station would ever be revisited. His Minnesota roots, while strong, could never pull him back home to the Land of 10,00 Lakes for good, and he spent the next 5 years meandering about the country. Pursing a career in marketing and advertising, his addresses included Miami, Chicago, New York, and Phoenix. He was sucked in to the Hollywood entertainment vacuum four years ago, toiled as a corporate slave for a large film studio for almost two years, and then got out when he couldn’t take another day of it. With corporate America in his past, Shawn began working for the Pacifica Radio Archives in 2002, and has been concentrating on national marketing and outreach.

Edgar Toledo – Production Coordinator

Edgar Toledo first came to the archives around May 2000. A native Angeleno, his interests and expertise include: micro-radio and rock-balancing, student of political/economic-philosophy/theory, Beyond Borders supporter. Belief that one must challenge and dismantle institutions and practices that divide and separate humanity, whether they be physical or social interrelations; a promotion of self-reliance, responsibilty for one’s own actions and respect of culture and other people’s lifestyles and beliefs, etc…..

Marianna Berkovich – Business Manager

Arline Chang – Service Coordinator

Arline Chang was born in Minnesota but happy to be transplanted to the warm Southern California sunshine. She studied at UCLA but married a USC man and began a wonderful family that is now 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Arline Chang has worked for the Pacifica Radio Archives since 1983 when it was nestled in its own building on Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles. She is hopeful the Pacifica Radio Archives will return to its own building one day in her lifetime.