011 Bertrand Russell

THIS EPISODE (original air date 06/23/2006):

PZ0673.011 From the Vault: Bertrand Russell BUY NOW!!

Archival programs used in this week’s episode, Bertrand Russell:

BC0309 A Chat with Lord Bertrand Russell / by Merv Griffin BUY NOW!!

BB4013 Appeal to the American Conscience / Bertrand Russell BUY NOW!!

BB4716 Bertrand Russell on Nuclear Disarmament BUY NOW!!

BB0597 On Nuclear Morality / Bertrand Russell BUY NOW!!

PZ0467 Lord Bertrand Russell BUY NOW!!

BB4717 Bertrand Russell: Speaking Personally BUY NOW!!

BB5177 The Religious Atheist: The Source of Myth BUY NOW!!

BC1008 The Harm Good Men Do by Bertrand Russell (Read by Mitchell Harding) BUY NOW!!

SZ0670.01-06 Living in an Atomic Age / Bertrand Russell BUY NOW!!

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Music featured in this week’s episode:

A Requiem for the Post War Dream

Written by Roger Waters
Performed by Pink Floyd