About the Show

From the Vault was the co-creation of Archives Director Brian DeShazor and producer Christopher Sprinkle in late 2005, with the first show broadcast in early 2006.

From the Vault began as two separate weekly half-hour programs that could be played back to back to form a one-hour program block, allowing for maximum versatility among various station program directors, but as the show began to evolve over the first 50 weeks, it became apparent that the effort and value in producing the two separate shows was taxing on the limited resources of the Archives. So, a continuous straight one-hour format was adopted, and is now the standard for each week’s show.


From the Vault is two programs in one: Remixed and Remembered.

From the Vault: Remixed. Each week, we’ll pick a subject – sometimes date specific, sometimes seemingly random – and we’ll go through the Pacifica Radio Archives’ Vault – the largest of its kind in the country – and pull out the best materials possible, and – yes – remix them into something we hope you’ll come to look forward to, set your watches by, or grab the whole family and listen – listen to the power of radio.

From the Vault: Remembered. Each week, we’ll invite a guest to enter the Archives’ Vault and choose any one program to play raw and unedited. Whether the program is a subject dear to them, or just something they’re dying to hear – whatever it is, they get to choose. And they’ll introduce the piece and tell you why they chose it. Basically, they get to act as guest dj for a half hour.

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